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XMQ - My OFBiz Server

I run a WEB Application Server at home. It is powered by Tclhttpd  . I named the project obJack .
obJack is my current toy project, I'm testing an Object Oriented approach to dynamic WEB content publishing using [ITcl] .
My humble system works very hard for me, so I let it rest while I'm resting. But I try to keep it up and serving from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday.
As a test, I've embedded the web server to my financial application, extending it with an HTTPD interface. It is a wonder how easy the process is and how little coding is needed in the adding such feature to an application Screen Shot .

Some of the information are being served HOT from the pot. So do try it out.


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List of Universities in China (including Hong kong and Taipei)

My newly designed home page. (Work in progress)
I pratice Tai Chi daily. The benifits of Tai Chi is numerous. It improves one's health, concentration, alertness and vitality. I'll try to include information on Tai Chi here, when I have the time.


The background is an image of Face Mug , one of my favourite creation.