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Jack Y. M. Hung
Phone: 9832 9322

Career Objective To pursuit a challenging career as a Project Manager or Software Specialist.

Executive Summary 20+ years of engineering experience in Application/System software Research and Development, combined with Management/Marketing Support responsibility. 
Solid technical background in System Architecture, Information Technology, Client/Server Internet programing, and wide spectrum of other Hardware/Software technology.
Strong problem solving skill.
  • I'm interested in the impact of IT on new business opportunities, and in combining technology with creativity to develop innovative solutions
  • I'm an advocate of open source software. Open source communities pull together experts from different technical areas. Through their contribution, open source software usually incorporate advance technologies quicker than their commercial counterpart. I believe that open source software will become a significant force in the solution provider market in years to come.
  • I have years of experience in processing of real-time financial data on the Internet.

Experience 01/1999-Current
Self employed

Application Developer, Technical Consultant
  • Designed and implemented a financial data capturing and processing system
  • Products evaluation
  • Development of an embedded system for TV set-top box
  • Web-server applications development
05/1989-10/1998 Department of Electronic & Information Engineering
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong
Teaching duty 
Subject areas include; computer and operating system architecture, object oriented programming and design, network programming, programming languages, software engineering, information system, e-commerce, digital electronic and digital design.
Project Supervision 
Supervision of research projects and student projects.
Research Activities 
Operation system architecture,distribution object, programming and parallel processing.
Administration duty 
Examination Officer, Network and Workstation Administrator.
02/1984-09/1988 Kowin Computer Corperation  Los Angeles
Software Manager
  • Responsible to the Director of Engineering in all aspects of software development.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of the company's computer/workstation products. 
  • Manage a team of software engineers on the development of system and application software.
  • Designed and developed the operating system (UNIX based) for the company's multi-processor computer system.
  • Written various device drivers including a network driver for the company's proprietary IEEE-488 based multi-drop network.
  • Ported various application software to the computer system, including an office automation suite. 
  • Provide marketing and customer support.
04/1981-01/1984 COMX World Operation Ltd. Hong Kong
Senior Software Engineer
  • Responsible to the President of Engineering on software design and development.
  • Developed the firmware and the operating system for a multi-user computer system and a hand-held computer. Written various system utilities, development tools, device drivers and games for the systems.
(COMX World Operation Ltd. was a sister company of Comptec System Ltd.)
04/1980-03/1981 Comptec System Ltd. Hong Kong
Operation Supervisor
  • Oversee the installation, configuration and day to day operation of various in-house and customer's HP1000 computer systems
  • Provide technical support to internal software staffs as well as customers of the company. 

Education 1975-1979 University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii
  • B.S., Computer and Information Science

Skill Programming Languages: C++, Java, Tcl/Tk, Python, Perl
  • C++
12 years
  • Java
4 years
  • Tcl/Tk and various extension including:-
6 years
  ITcl - an object oriented extension  
  BLT - a graphic extension for plotting charts  
  TclXML - specifications and tools for processing and manipulating XML documents using Tcl  
  Tls - a portable extension that provides the power of OpenSSL to Tcl programs.  
  Tclcgi - extension for cgi-bin programming
  tcl-sql - Tcl Generic Database Interface  
  Linux program development and administration. 8 years
  Client/Server application development 5 years
  Orbit - an open source CORBA implementation 1 year
  OpenSSL - an open source Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) toolkit 1 year
  XML, TSL 1 year
  XML-RPC and SOAP - protocol specifications for remote procedure call using HTTP as the transport and XML as the encoding. 1 year
  SQL, MySql, Postgres 2 years
  UNIX kernel and device drivers development. 6 years
  Embedded system and application development. 2 years
  Solaris program development and administration 2 years
  Web application development framework  
  • Enhydra - an open source Java/XML application server.
1 year
  • Arsdigita (ACS) - an open source suite for enterprise application, implemented in Tcl/Tk and based on AOL Server
1 year
  • ZOPE - an open source object oriented portal toolkit implemented in Python
6 months
  • TclHttpd - an open source Web Server embeddable into other application.
1 year