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Application Developer
Self Employed
Jan 1999 - Sep 2000

Designed and implemented a financial data capturing and processing application. The application consists of the following modules:

Data capturing module:
This module interfaces with the data source server (DSS). The DSS consists of a LDAP which publicise the services being provided. The services are mainly implemented as Real-Time Record Broker Servers (RTRBS). Each RTRBS serves a particular record-domain. This module acts as the data server to rest of the system. This module is coded in Java.
Data Processing and Presentation:
This module consists of a collection of programs coded in iTcl (iTcl is an object oriented extension of Tcl/Tk) and C++. Each program deals with records (implemented as objects) of a particular record-domain (also implemented as object). The record-domain object defined the processing to be performed on the data as well as how the information of the record is visually presented.
Control and monitor:
This is the master control of the day-to-day capturing operation. It control the starting up and the the shuting down of the rest of system. It monitor the operation of the other modules, taking appropiate action in cases of problem (eg. communication stalled with the DSS). It also perform day-end operation (eg. summary report). This master control allows unattended operation of the system.
Non-realtime processing:
This module consists of programs that perform non-realtime functions.