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Contact Information

Jack Hung 孔溢明
Phone: 9832-9322
Email: jkhung@hkstar.com
URL: http://jackhung.homelinux.net:8668/

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Professional Objective

Seeking senior software development position in enterprise application development, which would best utilize my knowledge and experience. Looking to join a management team focused on enabling and improving core business processes through IT initiatives.

Professional Summary

An accomplished Application Developer and Architect with over 15 years of' experience in a diverse range of technologies within multiple industry setting. Solid technical knowledge in application architecture, information technology and internet technology with emphasis on infrastructures for Enterprise Application Integration, Process/Data Modeling and Collaborative e-Commerce.

Over 10 years of involvement in the development of open source software. Has developed large scale web-based applications utilizing open source frameworks. Advocate of open standards and architectures.

Owner and developer of the open source project LPS4Biz hosted on java.net. LPS4Biz is a framework for developing Rich Internet Enterprise Application.

An early adopter of the eXtreme Programming (agile and light weight) development process.

Solid management skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and mentoring dividuals to maximize levels of productivity, while forming cohesive team environments.

Employment History

Technical Consultant / Application Architect
Self Employed
May 2004-Present

Vice President, Information Technology
EDI Systems Services LTD.
May 2003-March 2004

Lecturer, Technical Consultant (Contracted)
Sun Wah Pearl Linux Ltd.
July 2002-May 2003

Application Developer, Technical Consultant
Self employed
January 1999-May 2003

Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
May 1989-October 1998

Software Manager
Kowin Computer Corporation, Los Angeles
February 1984-September 1988

Senior Software Engineer
COMX World Operation Ltd.
April 1981-January 1984

Operation Supervisor
Comptec System Ltd.
April 1980-March 1981



Collaborative eCommerce, Business process Modeling and Web Services Standards

BPEL4WSBPEL4WS (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services) provides a language for the formal specification of business processes and business interaction protocols.
MDAThe OMG (Object Management Group) Model Driven ArchitectureTM is an new approach to writing IT system specification and developing application. MDA is based on a platform-independent model, and addresses the complete life cycle of designing, deploying, integrating, and managing applications using open standards.
EIDXElectronics Industry Data Exchange Group of CompTIA's Business Models.
OAG BODOpen Application Group's Business Object Document (BOD) structural and behavioral specification for data interchange (XML and WS-I compliant WSDL)
UBLOASIS Universal Business Language is a standardization of the Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS) for ebXML.
BPMLBPML (Business Process Markup Language) is a meta-language for the modeling of collaborative and transactional business processes. It is defined by BPMI (the Business Process Management Initiative).
ebXMLebXML, a project sponsored by UN/CEFACT , consists of a suite of specification that provides an open XML-based infrastructure enabling the global use of electronic business information in an interoperable, secure and consistent manner by business enterprises of any size.
OthersjBpm, WfMC's XPDL,Server Data Object (SDO), JaWE

Programming Languages C++, Java, Tcl/Tk, Python, Perl

JAVAServlet, JSP, JMS, JSP tag libraries (JSTL), EJB, JSF, JUnit, Jakarta Commons
  • Eclipse - an universal tool platform and an open extensible IDE.
AOPSpring AOP, AspectWerkz, AspectJ
Tcl/TkTcl is a high level embeddable and extensible scripting language. It is a "glue" language used by 500,000 users. Various Tcl/Tk extensions I have extensive experience with :- iTcl, BLT, TclSOAP, TclXML and TclDOM6yrs

WEB application frameworks and tools

OFBizThe Open For Business Project is an open source project that provides a J2EE application development framework. The core of OFBiz includes a universal enterprise data model with 600+ entities and 3000+ relations.3yrs
SpringSpring is a layered Java/J2EE application framework. The heart of the framework is the bean factory. Spring's bean factory is built based the concepts IoC and AOP. Spring is a non-intrusive development framework. Spring provides plugins for popular open source packages such as Struts, Velocity, WebWork and Hibernate.1yrs
StrutsA Model-View-Controller framework for building web applications with Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technology2yrs
XDocletAn extensible, template driven EJB code generator and deployment descriptor generator. XDoclet enables " XP - Continuous Integration" in component-oriented development.2yrs
OthersMuleEnterprise Service Bus (ESB) messaging framework,eXo Platform corporate portal, Apache JetSpeed-2, Jakarta Turbine, Apache Cocoon, JBoss, Enhydra, FreeMarker, Velocity, JPublish, HttpUnit, Canoo WebTest, CruiseControl, Jira

Operating System

OS9a real-time operating system (RTOS) for embedded systems3yrs


Modeling toolsEclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), Protégé/OWL, ArgoUML, Omondo EclipseUML
Database relatedMySql, PostgreSQL , hsqldb (a 100% Java DataBase), OFBiz's Generic Entity Engine, Jakarta's Torque, Castor, Hibernate .
Client/Server application development5yrs
Kernel and device drivers development.10yrs
Embedded system and single board computer development5yrs

EDI Systems Services Limited(EDI) was established in 1991, as a spin out of the EDP department of Dispatch Services Logistics (DSL). DSL was a freight forwarding and logistics company, and was acquired by Mearsk Sealand. In 2003, the ex-chairment of DSL attempted to re-establish the logistics operation and appointed EDI to develope a logistics execution application.

Sun Wah - PearL Linux Limited is a centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University dedicated to deliver formal Linux professional training services, software development and Linux resources centre to Linux users and interested parties in the Asia Pacific region.

Based in Montebello, CA, Kowin Computer Corporation was founded in 1983. Kowin was dedicated to bringing high powered, easy to use, affordable multi-user computer systems to every business desktop.

Kowin introduced its first multi-user desktop computer system to the marketplace in 1986. The system was powered by two tightly-coupled Motorola 680X0 processors fitted on a 8.5 by 11 inch PCB.

The system came with the powerful AT&T Unix V Operation System specially tailored to take full advantage of the multi-processors architecture. In addition, the system was bundled with an Office Automation Software.

COMX World Operations was an associate member of the Hong Kong-based Wo Kee Hong Group. The company launched its multi-user microcomputer system DL-1 in 1982. The microcomputer system was based on the Motorola 6809 processor. Up to eight terminals can be supported by a basis system.

One unique feature of the system is the memory mapper, a memory management unit which allow the system to break the 64K memory limitation imposed by the processor

Comptec System Ltd. was a solution provider system house. It was an OEM of HP minicomputer, CalComp Digitizer, Tektronix Graphic Terminal and a host of other computer products. Its clients consisted of architectural firms, paging companies, and geographical surveyor.

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