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Jack Aloha & Mahalo

I've been surviving on Open Source Software alone for a couple years!

My Financial Application Server

Perception, Illusion and The Brain

Illusions are a very nice window into how the brain works, because illusions can reveal the hidden constraints of the visual system in a way that normal perception fails to do so. In addition, illusions are fun, because they combine both the element of joy as well as the element of surprise.

Wallas' (1926) The art of thought: stages of problem solving

  • Preparation - formulation of the problem
  • Incubation - leave problem temporarily
  • Illumination - insight
  • Verfication - make sure solution realy works

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a unique form of exercise, recodition rehabitate of the body's vital system. The benefits of Tai Chi are numerous. It improves one's health, concentration, alertness and vitality.

Universities in China

List of Universities in China
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